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Math-on-the-run 2 (Three-in-line)
This is a second version ...
Math-on-the-run 1 (Kolobok)
Fun yet educational math ...
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File: Math-on-the-run 2 (Three-in-line) from Maggie123

File: Math-on-the-run 1 (Kolobok) from vasia
   Mathontherun is proud to present its educational but fun math self-tutoring games "Math-on-the-run 1" (Kolobok) and "Math-on-the-run 2" (Three-in-line). Try it out and help your kids to learn math in an easy and fun way. Several levels of classic arcade-style puzzle or tetris-style game are riddled with many mathematical questions. The only way to get across the game is to solve them without mistakes. If an incorrect answer is received the tutoring module will make sure that you understand how to solve the problem. The program is free to download. Play for free and tell us what you think. We could recommend now Dr. Raykhmist "Math self-tutoring test preparation book" (great for SAT preparation) available on the

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